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You can see your kids at any time from nearly anywhere in the park. Quiet and very clean park to bring kids to.


Great place to volunteer and dog-first-rate exercise place pick up. The view on the hiking trails is amazing.


It's a perfect place to take the quietness of your Parker family. And there's a nice chance for homeless people to meet them and say hello you've just met could make a new friend.


Amazing views of Mt. Tamalpias, downtown San Rafael, bridge Richmond, bay, and beyond. Mostly it's uphill. But overall a great walk.


Great for a walk or a view to enjoy. To say the least, memorable experience. Amazing time! Many love to be able to explore with their family another part of the world! A lot of people love the park of Boyd! It's the most beautiful park, the big Oak Trees and the old vibe! Many people refer to it as the Park of the Castle. It's a fantastic place.


A pleasant hike just off San Rafael downtown. A little better signage could be used by the official trails. Amazing views from above! It is always a fun time here no matter what you came for.


There is a playground for children to play and a very nice hike is the trail to the top of the hill, great views from the top as well!


Nice view of the park. A beautiful picnic place. The view you can get here of the entire park is amazing.

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