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What Are Pool Deck Pavers?

What are pavers?

A paver is a stone, tile, brick or brick-like piece of concrete commonly used as an exterior flooring. Pavers are hard blocks that are used to create smooth and hard outdoor surfaces. Pavers are used to construct patios, driveways, outdoor walkways and pathways and other outdoor platforms.

Pavers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete and coloring agent into a mold of different shapes and allowing it to be set. Materials such as glass, concrete, stone , brick, clay and even plastic can all be used for flooring. There are a variety of textures, shapes, colors and sizes available in the pavers.

There are two types of pavements. These are interlocking concrete pavements and stone pavements. The interlocking concrete pavements are also known as segmental pavements and are a very popular alternative for clay, brick and concrete. The stone pavements are used for building and landscaping and are strong, beautiful and durable. These stone pavements include travertine, granite, basalt, sandstone, limestone and bluestone.

What is a pool deck?

The pool deck is an area that surrounds the pool immediately. These days, pool decks are the biggest and most common trend in outdoor decoration. People can enjoy, swim, sunbathe and relax in the area when they're free. This makes the pool deck more essential to the design of outdoor swimming pools. It's a safe and slip-resistant surface around the pool. It can also provide a durable surface compared to wood and stone decks.

What are pool deck pavers?

Pool deck pavers used for outdoor pool area landscaping can be of benefit to homeowners and users of the pool area. Stone, brick, and concrete are the three main materials used to make these pool pavements. These materials are best suited for pool paving purposes as they can withstand the rigid effects of chlorinated or salt water pools.

One feature of the pool pavers is safety. Pool deck pavers are used to create the desired texture and color effect of the pool area. These pool pavers also have a high resistance to wear and tear and a durable non-slip surface. Safety is important because children have an inherent tendency to play and run around on wet and slippery surfaces.


Some of the positive characteristics of these pavers are durability, affordability, ease of installation, strength, non-slip surface, wide variety, and can be easily repaired. These are the reasons why people choose to use pool deck pavers in the landscaping of pool areas. They can have a wonderful effect by enhancing the authenticity and landscape of the pool surroundings. They also create a great natural atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Pool pavers are affordable and are a good alternative to natural stone pool pavers. Huge savings can be made, especially if a mortar-less installation procedure is carried out in the pool pavers. These pavements are durable, too. One must be careful, however, to choose the right paver if one has a salt water pool. One has only to ask the manufacturer for advice.

Pool deck pavers are also long-lasting enough to withstand the effects of foot traffic, salt water and water splashing. They are also easy to install, especially if no mortar is used to hold them in place. The installation of these pavers is also easy for the do-it-yourself fans to follow.

Are You Considering Pavers for Your Pool Deck? 


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