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The amusement park started operating in the late 1950s when the local toy store owner Norman Rosenburg designed the park next door to his shop and called it King Norman's Wonderland. It featured a train, merry going round, a Ferris wheel and miniature cars that allowed you to get a driving license provided by the amusement park.


Due to the expansion of the shopping center, the amusement park was demolished in 1965, but an employee of the amusement park, Bill Edwards, purchased the rides when it demolished and moved them for a spell to Oakland before returning to Willow Pass Park in 1970 where the amusement park was reopened as 'Pixieplayland.' Bill continued to manage the park until his retirement in 1989, when the town of Concord bought a number of the rides and the following year placed Sam Johnston in charge of the operations of the amusement park.


The amusement park was completely restored in 1995, and was sold to its new owner, Jeff Warrenburg, five years later. Since then, in collaboration with the private owners, the amusement park has been operated by a city partnership and lease agreement which has led to further changes. Spinning Teacups, Flying Dragon Coaster and Back Road Buggies are among the rides. There's also a merry go round and there's a miniature train ride in the amusement park that runs around the park that's really popular with kids and families.

In reality, the amusement park focuses primarily on offering attractions and rides for those aged 2-12 and has proven to be an incredibly popular place to host birthday parties for children, where they can also be entertained by clowns as well as some fun rides for children. The amusement park also features a snack bar and plenty of picnic tables.

The Pixie Team at Pixieland Amusement Park is committed to adding fun to the friendly environment of the old school country fair family with guaranteed winning bonus games, face painting, stuffed animal creations and favorite old fashioned concession treats. They hope you can still carry the magic to your friends and family!

This amazing attraction is located near the following must-see sights in Concord, California:

  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord

  • Mount Diablo State Park

  • Briones Regional Park

  • Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

  • The Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery

  • Heather Farm Park

  • Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial

  • Iron Horse Regional Trail

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

Pixieland Amusement Park
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