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An Introduction to Our Products

Our website is designed so our customers will be able to view all of our products with ease, and to have the ability to make informed decisions about what kind of materials they want in their project. In this article, we will be outlining and describing some of our best products. However, if there are any questions that come up or that we fail to answer, please feel free to reach out and follow up on any of your questions, and we will be more than happy to assist in any way that we can. 


Paving Stones


  • Quarry Stone

    • Our selections for the Quarry Stone Collection are inspired by what the Earth gives us geologically. We have made nine distinctive mixed decisions from a natural stone origin using up to six mixed colours, mirroring the natural colors and textures that we seen in nature. This collection is versatile, and will complement your landscape and structural finishes with this distinctive and custom palette.

  • Belgian Stone

    • The Belgian Stone is inspired by the world's historic villages, made of a hand chiseled stone that is coated by hundreds of years of culture. Belgian Stone offers romantic old world elegance to any paving project with its natural borders, a semi-smooth, and almost flat surface, all while being comfortable to the foot. This stone can be used in pedestrian and residential settings. 

  • Turftstone

    • With the beauty of a lawn and the structural results of pavement, our fresh, enhanced Turfstone Concrete Grid Paver, Turfstone II, has it all. Turfstone II enables water to permeate and prevents storm water from running out. This type of stone is ideal for drip line regions surrounding old growth trees, emergency routes, overflow parking and secondary highways.


Retaining Walls


  • Country Manor

    • Country Manor provides the appearance of a rusty, hand-laid stone wall, but still with all the strength and ease of installation, thanks to the established pin link system, made by Keystone. Country Manor provides almost infinite design options, with three completed sides on each unit.

  • AB Europa Collection 

    • With this antique, multi-unit, premium product, beautiful landscapes are produced with the most simplistic elegance possible. According to our design professionals, this has consistently proven to be their favorite option time and time again. 

  • AB Classic Collection 

    • This collection has set standards since 1989, with walls constructed up to 50 meters high. There are plenty of design options and variations with a multitude of forms and setbacks available. The Classic Collection comes in gray, tan, tan charcoal, brown charcoal or golden brown. 


Landscape Structures


  • AB MultiWall

    • Besides our Roman Stone, the AB Multi Wall is the ideal wall system. This is the most versatile product on the market, with construction rocks that lock together and are designed so that unnecessary, unsafe cutting is minimized or totally eliminated. The various dimensions and forms can readily be shaped so that they form walls, curves, angles, pillars, steps, fire pits, boxes of plants, and even elevated gardens.  

  • Roman Stone

    • The old-fashioned look of the Roman Stone is a wonderful solution to achieve the natural stone look, without actually purchasing the costly natural stones. Seven distinctive mixed colors are available in the Roman Stone Collection, to complement our normal paving stone collections.

  • AB Courtyard Collection 

    • In order to give your landscape the value you deserve, the AB Courtyard Collection is durable, flexible and an economic option. It can be used in many distinct applications, with the two free-side standing wall structures being of distinctive design.


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