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How Can I Bring My Outdoor Space To Life With Patio Pavers?

Take Your Landscape Design to the Next Level With These Creative Paver Ideas


When planning your patio, there are many elements to consider: the landscape, climate, budget, and how you and your family will use the space. But there’s one workhorse material that manages to find its way into almost every outdoor patio design project: pavers.


With the variety of paver materials, sizes, styles, colors, and textures, they truly are one of the most versatile materials out there. Pavers can likely work for your home no matter your style or budget. Check out these creative ways to use them:


Random Placement


While symmetrical placement is more typical when it comes to pavers, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use them in a random pattern. While the placement of these pavers might seem haphazard, the look is casual with lots of visual interest. This technique is also good to use if you have some leftover pavers from another project.


Out-of-the-Way Spot


Pavers also work really well when you need to define a space. In this case, pavers arranged in a circular pattern leading out to a pathway, create a quiet refuge with a comfy hammock and a couple of iron chairs.


Cozy Hang-Out


If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, consider using pavers to define the space around it. In this case, the corner of a yard was turned into a beautiful garden patio. Concrete benches and a rustic trellis add to the charm of this little outdoor oasis.


Incorporate Into Your Lawn


Pavers can also be used to define spaces where you might typically expect to see a lawn. In this case, the pavers were used with grass to define a larger outdoor patio area around a pool. To ease up on lawn care, consider using faux grass for a treatment like this and you won’t need to ever worry about mowing.


Outdoor Living Room


If you live in a warmer climate and don’t need to worry about the change of seasons, you could create a true outdoor living room using pavers to define the area. Try to stick with outdoor fabrics, and come up with a game plan for storing cushions and pillows. While outdoor fabrics are durable enough to take the rain, you will ensure your pillows last a lot longer if you can keep them dry as much as possible.


Mark a Path


For larger properties, pavers are an amazing solution for defining paths and creating natural movement throughout your entire outdoor space. You’ll want to ensure that paths connect easily from one area to another while providing an obvious route for walking. Since pavers are so versatile, they'll work well with almost any materials or elevations.


Visual Interest


Even if you have an area on your property that won’t necessarily be used as a functional space, pavers still do a lovely job of tying together the landscape. In this case, pavers are used right outside the fire pit area and in front of a beautiful fountain. They create visual interest for space and also connect one area of the yard to another.


Modern Vibe Outside


If you have a more modern home or just want to give your patio a more modern vibe, concrete pavers are a perfect way to accomplish it. These kinds of pavers can be poured into any size or shape, so you can have some fun with patterns while still using the shapes to help your yard navigate easily.

Are You Considering Purchasing Patio Pavers?

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How Can I Bring My Outdoor Space To Life With Patio Pavers?
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