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Such a unique park with an amazing homage to war veterans and a lovely pond. Great park with views of Mt. Diablo with veteran monument and mild hiking paths. Beautiful and quiet. Great to walk. Lovely, clean park!  Includes service person memeorial. It's a beautiful park. I'm going there a lot. Love this lake park, playground, and terrain that's just fantastic.


Small paths wrap around the person created pond, always pleasant to visit. Ample lawn for a ball throwing match. Small children's playground, adjoining to high school. All wars monument with a par course for different drills also near by. Great, clean location with a lake and geese. Beautiful little spot in the park, not large. Very beautiful community park on Mt. Diablo's foot. Love to walk here. Afternoons with high school pupils are a lot rowdy and the duck / goose poop must be avoided. The little mountains are very nice to appreciate hiking. Ducks, simple route, playground for children, well kept, great spot! They even have the right region for hiking.


Next to the high school of Monte Vista. Great park, tidy. The man-made pond is surrounded by ducks and geese. Lots of well-kept lawn. Good size playground space under the age of 18 months with bucket swings. It is possible to rent a community center. For both walkers, strollers, and dog walkers, nice broad hiking trails. A War Memorial area at the park's far right corner. There are plenty of seats to sit around the park. Public toilets. Parking lot free of charge. Nice position with tidy toilets to go and relax. Lovely location, good spot for walking or cycling.


Great park for hiking or biking on a path.  The park's shortest loop is about 1.3 miles away.  The groundhogs and geese are adding to the expertise.  Mount Diablo's fantastic views. Great spot for a couple of hours. There's a nice location to wander, a pod with tortoises and ducks.  Geese are also nesting here. Tables, swings, and a climbing mountain. Danville City is hosting music activities here in the summer. It's very difficult to park. Nice, less common paths at Diablo's Foothills. Spring streams and greenery. Fun location for children and elderly organizations. Well kept park in the far corner with a war memorial and a big pond in the center with ducks.


This amazing location is conveniently located in close proximity to the follow Danville places of interest.  Make sure to check them out on your next visit:


  • Blackhawk Museum

  • Mount Diablo State Park

  • Museum Of The San Ramon Valley

  • Museum of the San Ramon Valley (located in the restored 1891 Southern Pacific depot)

  • DPG Pavers Danville Location

  • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

  • Museums and historic sites

  • Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site - Tao House.

  • Town Meeting Hall

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