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         A museum (/mjuːˈziːəm/ mew-ZEE-əm; plural museums or, occasionally, musea) is an organization that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other items of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific significance. Most public museums make such things publicly available through permanent or temporary exhibits. The largest museums are located in major cities worldwide, while in smaller cities, cities, and rural areas there are thousands of local museums. Museums are designed to serve the general public, including supporting scholars and experts. The aim is to help scientists more and more to benefit the general public. 

Within modern museums, objects of artistical, political, or scientific value are to be gathered, stored, interpreted and displayed for public education. The goal can also rely on one's point of view from a tourist or group viewpoint. An exciting and entertaining way to stay can be a ride to a local history museum or a large urban art museum. A healthy culture of museums can be regarded for city leaders as an indicator of a city's economic health and a way to improve its inhabitants ' sophistication. To a museum specialist, a museum could be considered a way of educating people about the mission of the museum, like civil rights or environmentalism.

Adorable museums are conveniently located near some of Danville’s other places of interest. Make sure to check them out on your next visit: 


  • Blackhawk Museum

  • Museum of the San Ramon Valley       

  • Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site

  • Glass House

  • The Discovery Center

  • Lindsay Wildlife Experience

  • Shadelands Ranch Museum

After visiting these lovely spots make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at our downtown Danville location, DPG Pavers Danville Location on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle!

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