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A visit must be made. This museum & gallery can't be recommended enough. The collection they have is more relevant than ever to today. Their main exhibit focuses on propaganda from Pre-1989, but also provides a glimpse into the propaganda of today. To learn about the origins and methods used in the materials of Propaganda, everyone should visit. It's a small space and here you can spend 20 minutes or 2 hours. They have in the back a small library, hosting regular events as well.


Fascinating examples of worldwide propaganda.


Absolutely awesome! Fascinating place, fantastic display. LOVE the Chinese Red stuff and glorify baby kissing dictators. You'd have to go. The owners are beautiful people. Love it absolutely.


Very well organized and very interesting. Helpful are the owners and share a lot of information. Would you like a visit.


Organized, interesting propaganda objects museum. There is a lot to take in at this museum.


This museum is incredible! There is so many interesting pieces here to learn about. The staff is always very friendly and warm. They help you make your way through the museum with ease.


This is a must visit place in San Rafael. The amount of information here about propaganda is amazing. There is so much history here that anyone would appreciate.


The museum is well taken care of and the staff is incredible. There is always something new to learn and something neat to see.


Overall, this museum is a great place to visit. It is really neat and the pieces are interesting.  

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