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What Materials Are Used In Landscaping?

Landscape Architecture is a continuous process of planning, designing and implementing landscape tools to improvise on the basis of the needs of human beings living in the city. Landscape architecture considers social , ecological, visual and man-made aspects at the same time. It combines the engineering and technology elements of the built forms with the characteristics of the landscape. It is practiced as a career that makes use of imagination, creative ability, and needs comprehensive knowledge in the fields of architecture and engineering.


The process of landscape architecture is very extensive and plays a very important role in integrating the built form with the surroundings. Here are some of the landscaping materials that can be used to improve the built environment:


Soil & Fertilizer

It's always surprising how much dirt you need on a project. Current soil may require new nutrients and may be combined or substituted with soil and fertilizer. You may be digging clay or other unusable soil and have to substitute it. Additional soil is almost always required for raised beds.



Mulch is a terrific groundcover for a variety of reasons. It helps to trap moisture under the sheet, which ensures that plants do not need to be water as much as they are; the sheet does not encourage weed growth; and as water and time influence the mulch, the nutrients are transferred to the soil. A finisher of some kind of garden project.



Lights are those man-made fixtures designed to provide an area with artificial lights and to embellish the look of the place even in the dark. The use of lights in the case of landscape architecture is very prominent, as planning becomes so appealing in the dark. Nowadays, the fixtures are so available that they fit so well into the elements of the landscape and enhance the beauty of themselves.



A fence is an unsupported structure normally placed in place to encircle a boundary and diversify both within and outside the field. Concrete, brick, metal chains, wood, bamboo are the materials used for fencing. The most common form of fencing used these days is wood and bamboo.


Retaining Wall Blocks and Edgers

Offer your yard some verticality with a retaining wall or a raised garden. Retaining wall blocks is a great way to master your irregular landscape or create new landmarks. Edgers is the perfect location to keep your paths in line as well as your gardens. They both come in all shapes and sizes, ready to complement each other and other stonework.



Gravel makes a great fill that can "breath," allowing the water to drain better from the spot. Since it makes a rugged filler that isn't too compact, it's perfect for parking heavy machinery, such as cars or lawn equipment.


Pavers and Bricks

Nothing completes a backyard like a stone path or patio. Pavers and bricks provide a more flexible alternative to concrete and a less time-consuming process than natural stone. Usually purchased by the pallet, both types of stonework come in a staggering array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Before installation you’ll need to compact and level the earth.



When a stone floor is constructed using the above-mentioned pavers and bricks and, in particular, unworked stone, a bag or two of sand is necessary to keep the stonework level. The sand acts as a buffer and allows the stone to be repositioned. After construction, more sand is poured between the pavements or the bricks to prevent them from moving.



Plantations or green space is my personal favorite aspect in landscape architecture. Besides adding colors to the atmosphere, the greenery and floral sections also offer an extremely friendly feeling and also boost the quality of the air. The cooling effect created by green areas is immense.

Water Features

Water is the main source of life. Besides water bodies, they are quite attractive and they also enhance the beauty of the surroundings. So is the case with landscape architecture as well. Water features including a small pond, a lake, etc. are particularly appealing to the viewer's eyes. Water also cools the surroundings by the process of evaporation in summer.

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