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Go down James Donlon and head past the JD/Somersville intersection  (or from Somersville, turn right at JD) to the new homes.  Then make a right on Summit Way & at the end is a park on the right. This is where you can park, but make sure you do have leashes bc you must pass the main park to get to the dog park area in the back, and there's a lot of kids & families playing! 


If you turn right on Crescent Ct off Summit, you can park at the end of the cul de sac & the dog park is down the path. Definitely better route if you don't want the doggies distracted by children along the way. Once there at Markley Creek Dog Park, all-breed (aka large breed) is on the right and small breed is on the left.


There's a circular common area where you first enter with poop bags, trash cans, and water bowls.  It will take you a few frustrated moments to figure out how the water bowl for the dogs worked, but there's 3 levels (adult, kids, and dogs). Just press the silver button at the top and there you go, free water for your pups. 


Other than that, it was a nice park, dogs didn't seem to mind the gravel and it was a pretty warm sunny day.  And there was plenty of open space with benches. The shadier areas are towards the back when you get too hot. It was pretty empty during the early afternoon, probably because most people are taking a nap or taking a rest at home. It could be busier towards the late afternoon, since it is after work or after school hours. 


There isn't a parking lot and you have to go through a subdivision to get to it. This was quite obviously built for the subdivision (streets named the same) and It is more than likely maintained by the HOA.


Poop bags provided garbage were near empty and there was even a dog drinking fountain. There were around 5 benches with shade. Well some with shade.


People are super friendly and there wasn't one creep hanging about. This park could really be considered a second home for your fur-babies.

This amazing dog park is located near the following must-visit dog-friendly parks near Walnut Creek, California:

  • Heather Farm Dog Park

  • Baldwin Dog Park

  • Hap Magee Ranch Dog Park

  • Highlands Ranch Dog Park

  • Paso Nogal Dog Park

  • Joaquin Miller Dog Park

  • Clayton Dog Park

  • San Miguel Park

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

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