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One of the best places to have an outdoor wedding in Marin. Enough indoor room adjacent to the outdoor ground where tables to be set out for dining area. There is enough different ground to walk around and sit down amongst gazebo, water fountain and workshop/gallery type building towards the south side of the property. Lots of different plants & flowers that you could admire too. It is not a large place but, just right in terms of  size to host an event away from traffic or crowds, but still close to Hwy 101 and other nearby cities.


Marin Art and Garden Center is steeped with history of Marin. In the sixties MAGC was the home if the country garden show which was also the Country Fair then.  Beautifully decorated every year, it was fun to look at all the different ways flowers and yard "art" (elaborate bird baths, streams, small trees, bushes, flowers) would go together. Picking in the same town as the show, we're are there every day.  If you go there you will find the oldest and biggest Magnolia tree in the center. The antiques store is packed with wonderful treasures that you can own. The Ross Vallet Players have there hope stage and there is always a show to go to. Take some time,  stop by and take a walk through this old park that has quite a history of Marin.


What a beautiful garden!  The place to take a wonderful stroll among plants and flowers. A quiet walk will bring you to sweet little places you will be pleased to discover-a  little pond framed with old stones and waiving plants, a fragrant rose garden or hidden antique shop will welcome you to unveil the secrets of time.

Museum of San  Ramon Valley 205 Railroad Ave, Danville, CA 94526
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