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Thomas Crowley purchased these islands  at auction in about 1926. This was a vacation spot for the Crowley Family until the sixties. Aftwareds, they donated the land to the federal government.. Many species of egrets and herons on these two islands. Today, it is a really nice place for many different types of birds to nest safely. It plays an important role in many bird’s migration and reproductive patterns. Located near San Francisco, it is one of the best places for birds to seek shelter. 


I love that people take a back-seat, and manage this refuge from afar. They are not actively engaging with birds, or making themselves very present on the island. The program is very neat, with caring people making sure that the birds have a safe habitat to come home to. With the current political climate, it is important that even if our government is losing focus of the “little guys” that other people take action, come forward, and make sure that nature is not ignored! 


A really nice place to watch birds from afar! I have driven to a lookout point a couple of times, and it is always amazing to see that many birds, flocking for the night. I have heard that on the island there are a couple other types of animals, but from afar you can only see the birds. I am glad that it is there, and that the birds have a place to go. I haven’t gone to volunteer yet, but it is something I’m planning on doing soon! Would recommend to everyone to take a break and check it out!

Museum of San  Ramon Valley 205 Railroad Ave, Danville, CA 94526
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