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The Worst Advice You Can Hear About Landscape Design

There's a lot of bad advice out there when it comes to landscape design. Unfortunately, a lot of people take this bad advice to heart and make poor decisions that can negatively impact their homes and yards. In today's blog post, we're going to take a look at some of the worst pieces of advice you can hear about landscape design and why you should avoid them at all costs! So if you're considering making some landscaping changes, be sure to read on for some tips from the professionals.

The Worst Advice You Can Hear About Landscape Design

Failing To Consider Plant Size Maturity

When you are a landscape designer, one of the worst pieces of advice you can follow is failing to consider plant size at maturity. This is a problem for a few reasons. First, it can lead to your plants becoming overcrowded. This not only looks bad but can also damage your plants.

Second, if you have plants that grow too large for the space you have available, you may be forced to remove them, which can be costly and time-consuming. Finally, if you don't take plant size into account when landscape design, you may end up with a landscape that is out of balance and doesn't look as good as it could.

So be sure to consider plant size at maturity and make sure you have enough space for your plants to grow. Otherwise, you may end up with a landscape that is less than ideal.

Using Curved And Rounded Landscapes All The Time

One of the worst pieces of advice you can hear about landscape design is that curved and rounded landscapes are always a good thing. This simply isn't true. While curves can add interest and variety to a landscape, they can also create problems.

For example, if your landscape is too curvy, it might be difficult to mow or walk through. In addition, curves can also make it more difficult to plant and maintain your landscape. So, if you're thinking about adding curves to your landscape, make sure you do so in moderation.

Out-of-Place Water Features

One of the worst pieces of advice you can hear when it comes to landscape design is to simply add a water feature. While a water feature can enhance the look of your landscape, it should be placed in an appropriate location.

Water features that are placed in the middle of a lawn, for example, tend to look out of place. Putting a fountain in the middle of your lawn, for example, can be a huge mistake. Not only will it be an eyesore, but it will also require constant maintenance to keep it clean and running properly.

They're also difficult to maintain and can attract unwanted critters. If you're set on adding a water feature to your landscape, be sure to consult with a landscape designer first.

Using Non-native Plants

One of the worst pieces of advice you can hear when it comes to landscape design is to use plants that are not native to your area. This is a terrible idea for a number of reasons.

First, non-native plants are often not well-suited to the local climate and soil conditions. This means they are more likely to struggle to survive and thrive and will require more care and attention from you in order to stay alive.

Second, non-native plants can be incredibly invasive, crowding out native species and disrupting the delicate balance of local ecosystems. And finally, using native plants is often far more cost-effective and easier than trying to care for non-natives, so why bother?

So, next time someone tells you to go ahead and use those non-native landscape plants, just say no! Your garden and the local environment will thank you for it. Make sure you research what plants are best suited for your area before you add them to your landscape.

Improper Placement Of Plants

Plants are living organisms that grow and change over time. They need specific conditions to thrive, and if they're not in the right environment, they can die.

When it comes to landscape design, one of the worst pieces of advice you can receive is to improper placement of plants. Plants need sunlight, water, and nutrients to survive, so it's important to make sure they're placed in an area where they'll have access to all of these things. Otherwise, your landscape will suffer and so will the plants.

Another bit of terrible landscape design advice is using the wrong plants for your climate. Just because a plant is beautiful doesn't mean it will do well in your region.

Overuse Of Common Plants

When it comes to landscape design, using common plants is often seen as a bad thing. This is because doing so can make your yard look like everyone else's. If you want your landscape to stand out, it's important to use a variety of different plant species.

Not only will this give your landscape more visual interest, but it will also help to attract a wider range of wildlife. Using common plants can also make it difficult to create an inviting and comfortable outdoor living space. When the landscape is too uniform, it can feel cold and uninviting.

Not Hiring A Landscape Design Contractor

For starters, landscape design is a complex process that requires both creative and technical skills. Without the help of a landscape design contractor, it can be very difficult to create a landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Another reason why not hiring a landscape design contractor is one of the worst pieces of advice you can hear is because landscape design contractors have access to resources and information that most people do not. This includes things like plant databases, landscape software, and other tools that can make the landscape design process much easier.

In addition, landscape design contractors are familiar with the codes and regulations that apply to landscape projects. This means that they can ensure that your project complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

So, what’s the takeaway? Don’t make these mistakes in your landscape design! If you need help getting started or want to avoid these common pitfalls, give us a call. We can provide you with expert advice and guidance to create a beautiful and functional landscape that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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