Can I Install Pavers Over Existing Concrete Patio?

DIY: Installing Pavers Over Concrete


In your landscaped garden, you may already have a practical concrete driveway to your house or a concrete pathway that is tidy and clean, but the color is dreary, looks bland, or does not match the rest of your home.


So how can you change it?


By using pavers or tiles, you can alter the aesthetic of your concrete space absolutely.


Literally, tiling over concrete is a lot simpler than you think! For all three choices for the construction of pavers over existing concrete, here is a simple step-by-step guide.


Why it’s Easy to DIY

If existing plain concrete is already present, people believe that tiling or paving over concrete floors, driveways, patios, and paths will be a major headache. But the fact is, you can finish the project a lot quicker, practically.


Requires Very Little Technical Skills

Currently, producing an excellent tile finish on your concrete surface takes very little technological know-how. In fact, it's so simple that it is actually a very popular and popular DIY project among homeowners. In the phase that we will provide for you here in this post, you will only need to have fundamental knowledge.


A Lot of ‘How to’ Resources can be Found Online

You'll find hundreds of 'how-to' posts if you search online that range from the most simple guides to the most technical step-by-step run-throughs. In this post, we will share with you a simple guide to the entire process, plus additional tricks to make your finished product look professional.


Materials Are Easy To Source

Because of the numerous materials, you can choose from to give you your desired outcome, tiles and pavers are attractive. The items available are so diverse that the look can be easily achieved to match your home's style. In fact, there is a wide range of products at your disposal here.


Important Considerations Before Laying Your Pavers

There are some considerations you need to make prior to laying pavers on your concrete floor. The products you can use are not the least of these.


Until deciding on one specific material and design, bear in mind the purpose of the area and space that you will be upgrading and how much weight it is supposed to withstand. If you're paving over a concrete driveway, you have to use pavers suitable for car traffic, such as bricks for long-lasting endurance.


If it is for your pool surround, make sure you are using salt and slip-resistant pavers appropriate for your pool area and you may want matching coping or step treads. Consider also the climate in which you live, is it a sunny place so that it will be ideal to choose something that is cool underfoot, coastal areas or the general aesthetics of your landscape and region because it would add value to your home to choose the right pavers.


For its durability, the correct form of paver for your surface is important. To stop having to redo it all over again two or three years down the line, you want to achieve a well-installed flooring the first time around.


Some Misconceptions

Contrary to common opinion, it does actually make a lot of sense to add tiles over existing concrete. The concrete is hard, durable, and provides a good foundation. In addition, it makes sense that both tiles and concrete are mineral-based, so they will be a great match.


No need to cut up old concrete and pay money to cart it away to the dump will be needed. You don't have to think about damage to existing underground infrastructure either. Simple to DIY, highly durable and the extra value of so many new looks and designs made possible by the wide variety of available paver products!

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Can I Install Pavers Over Existing Concrete Patio?