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What Is The Difference Between Hardscaping And Landscaping?

Hardscape and landscape, while connected, are quite different. Landscaping overarching hardscape and softscape ventures. While softscape includes grass, shrubs, vegetable gardens and other inclusions, hardscape includes 'hard' landscaping additions. Knowing the difference between the hardscape and the overall landscape is important — as a quality hardscape setup makes a long-lasting, fascinating landscape.


To better understand how to design a landscape, the two key components that make up outdoor living spaces are known as hardscape and softscape. The best way to note the differences: hardscape and softscape are the opposites of each other, but both are required to make the landscape completely functional. The two terms are often used to emphasize the distinction between the two.


What Is Landscaping?

Landscaping is just what most people think is: the design and execution of plant life, from trees and shrubs to flowers and grass. The soft, living components of your house, designed for optimum beauty and ornament, are the artifacts of landscape design. Landscape design usually includes planting, pruning, and enhancing plant life around your home or company to ensure that your modern facilities have the right touch of calming nature.


What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping, meanwhile, deals with "hard" materials in your yard, including walking surfaces, retaining walls, natural rocks, patios and other foundations. Hardscapes include the use of natural stone, such as smooth limestone, or manufactured products such as concrete and slate veneer. Hardscape 's ideas can be more imaginative than landscape concepts, mainly because it's easier to manipulate hard materials than living plants. Landscapes should be groomed. Hardscapes could be sculpted.


Planning Landscape with Hardscape

Before ever settle on a hardscape installation, the 'feel' of the surrounding landscape of the home should be considered. Again, much of the landscape space is known to be a hardscape. As a rule, whole areas should be planned in advance. The entire feel of the place, when decided, can be 'filled in.' Think of the big picture, first. The structural integrity of the yard, too, should be established. Sure, one hardscape option looks good, but is it going to cover a landscape option? Overall, the landscape is the sum of the parts in it. While a misguided hardscape alternative may seem minimal, there may be variations in drainage and erosion. Spatial, drainage, structural and safety issues should be discussed before installation starts.


How to Incorporate the Two

There is no fixed law that should take precedence over the other: landscapes or hardscapes. Some homes might prefer to set up a wide deck and patio hardscape, then accessorize them with beautiful plant life, while other homes might prefer a natural, immersive garden experience with restrained hardscape uses, such as gently sloping walkways. You, as the owner of the land, are going to determine what is most appealing to you. Balance is the key, either way. A paved yard needs greenery to give it life, but a green lawn needs hardscapes to make it look stylish and inviting.


Tips For The Designers

Landscape and hardscape designs require a variety of techniques and approaches. While landscaping is more scientific, requiring a green thumb of nature lovers for active plant growth and addressing regional challenges to creating a healthy lawn, hardscaping is more artistic. You need to have a professional knowledge of hardscape materials, from man made and constructed to natural and quarried. You will also need to know how to match the house on the ground, while also adding various color schemes and textures. A hardscape designer should even understand how you'd be inclined to move through a property and build surfaces that allow you to enjoy your yard best. But both landscaping and hardscaping require innovative, unique design to achieve good results.

Are You Considering Hardscape for your Front Yard or Backyard? 

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