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Greenbrook School Park

1475 Harlan Dr, Danville, CA 94526

A very nice park, right next to the elementary school! The kids are too young to go there to play during classes, but it is really nice that the park is so close by! I think it is used by lots of people as well, although personally I have only stopped to park there a couple of times. I have used the parking lot to wait for my child after school. It is looked after well, and I know it is quite an asset to the community! 


My son plays in a community recreation baseball league at the Greenbrook School Park. It is a very nice place to spend extended amounts of time. They work hard to keep it a nice place, and it shows. I am glad that my son is able to play here, and that he can make memories in a park like this. The little memories he will make here will move with him throughout his time playing baseball. 


Really nice trails within this park! Picked up running with my dog recently, and we love this park. The trails are not always paved, but there is a really nice bridge to go over a small creek. You can trace the creek up, and there will be little nice waterfalls along the path. Not sure exactly how far the trail goes, but it is a nice calm thing to do with a dog, or a friend. Maybe not when there is a baseball game, though. It gets very busy during games. 


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