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Fairlands Elementary School is committed to giving all of our students a challenging and supportive school program. Their continuing aim is to prepare students for success with the necessary knowledge and skills they would require, while at the same time fostering imagination, enthusiasm and a lifelong passion for learning.


In the core curricular fields of science, social studies, physical education, and visual and performing arts, the academic curriculum at Fairlands incorporates Common Core State Standards in English, Language Arts and Mathematics as well as California Standards. Highly qualified and credentialed are their exemplary teaching personnel and experts. Moreover, their excellent support staff brings a wealth of expertise to support the Fairlands Superior Education Program.


They believe learning is a journey. Students advance at various paces through their journey. Here at Fairlands, they agree that excellence in education is necessary and vital to the student's life-long success. They also believe in the growth of well-rounded students who, in their adult future, would be welcome assets to their society.


At Fairlands, character education is a high priority. A collaboration between the Pleasanton Unified School District and the City of Pleasanton is the "Community of Character" program. In district schools, the six character qualities stressed are: liability, compassion, self-discipline, fairness, respect, and integrity.


They are extremely proud of the relationships they have with their families and their culture in the Fairlands. When you visit their campus, the dedication of their community to working together to help and strengthen the learning experience of all students is clear. In schools, the workplace and for special services, parents volunteer on a daily basis. In this relationship, their Parent Teacher Organization plays a crucial role, and their school staff are profoundly thankful to all the parents who strive to provide their children with a better learning environment.


Fairlands Elementary School has both an Emergency Plan and a Comprehensive School Safety Plan. Their school practices drills as required by Ed. Code on a regular basis and also works with their District Office EOC (Emergency Operations Center) on safety exercises annually.


Components of our Comprehensive School Safety Plan as required by Ed. Code (32280 - 32289) are as follows:

A. Child Abuse Reporting Procedures

B. Disaster Policies

C. Policies for Suspension and Expulsion

D. Procedures to Notify Teaches of Dangerous Students

E. Discrimination and Harassment Policy

F. Provisions of a School Wide Dress Code

G. Provisions of Safe Ingress and Egress of Pupils, Parents, and School Employees to and from School

H. A Safe and Orderly Environment Conducive to Learning at the School

I. Rule and Procedures on School Discipline

K. Hate Crime Reporting Procedures


Their Public Safety Committee/School Site Council reviews and provides input and recommendations on the Safety Plan annually. Please feel free to attend the February School Site Council meeting or contact the school office to set up an appointment if you wish to provide feedback about school safety. Upon request, the Safety Plan is available for public inspection at the office. The Safety Plan will not be updated online and is not available for check-out.

Pleasanton, California is blessed with some amazing schools - some of the best in the state! Check out our shortlist here:

  • Amador Valley High School

  • Foothill High School

  • Thomas S. Hart Middle School

  • Harvest Park Middle School

  • Pleasanton Middle School

  • Henry P. Mohr Elementary School

  • Vintage Hills Elementary School

  • Walnut Grove Elementary School


After visiting these schools make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at our downtown Danville location, DPG Pavers Danville Location on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle!

Image by Joshua Eckstein
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