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What Should I Expect From A Landscape Designer?

If you haven't worked with a landscape designer, you might not know what to expect. These expert designers can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams. Most of these designers will have a set process to create your outdoor space. With some help, you can finally say goodbye" to a dull, uninspired space as you enjoy the results of these landscaping professionals.


How much will it cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of hiring a landscape designer is around $4,300. But that doesn't mean you're going to spend that amount on your job. Simple projects may only require a short consultation to be held at the site. For most people, a landscape designer is an affordable and valuable part of designing a beautiful and functional outdoor space.


The First Meeting

The first meeting may be free of charge, or a fee may be attached to the service. You want to have some ideas to present to him or her when you meet the designer. This first step is needed to walk around the property and understand what you want to do with the design. This meeting is also the time to discuss the budget of your project. You'll be asked how you want to use your outdoor spaces. You can make good use of this time by preparing for your initial meeting. During this meeting, the designer will evaluate the natural resources of your property, the design of your home and the surrounding area.


Suggesting Some Ideas

If you hired a landscape designer, you might have some ideas about your property. You should think about the types of flowers or garden areas that can add to the beauty of your home. These elements can turn a dull sitting area into a relaxing atmosphere. Your designer will want to know your input on the project layout, amenities and lighting features. When you meet the designer, you should always apply your preferences to the design. Before the planning point, you want to give the designer a sense of what you want to do with your outdoor plans.


Developing A Landscape Design Concept

After you have met the landscape designer, work on a design plan will begin. In this initial design point, the overall layout will give you the preliminary placement of trees, shrubs and flowers on your house. At this time the initial design is important to make sure that you and the designer are on the same page as you picture a stunning landscape for your home. If you're not satisfied, you can ask for changes to your plans. You will confirm the layout of the room for those who want to move on. Small or simple ventures are likely to miss these steps.

Executing The Landscape Design

You should think of the first landscape design as a starting point for you and the artist. It is not rare at this point to request any improvements. You do want to check whether the improvements are included in the plans, or whether there will be a fee for any revisions. Some landscape designers are going to charge for a change. These plans can either be hand-drawn or created with a CAD program on your computer. The designer's plans will allow you to see future improvements to your house. You still have time to add some amenities at this level, such as a deck or patio. Your designer will probably start asking more questions about the final parts of products, like grass forms, landscape borders, or paver variations.


Sealing The Project

Your landscaping project can take a few weeks to complete. You should know where all the information will be on your house, including walkways, patios, trees and flowers. At this point, you will receive a final invoice from the designer with all associated costs. When your payment has been made, your project will begin the construction phase of the design.


Doing The Paperwork

If you did some work at home, you know there's a lot of paperwork on the project. Your designer will manage your city's permits to help you save time and money. In most instances, the designer is familiar with the licensing process and can include all the proper paperwork to get started on the job.


Dealing With the Construction

You don't have to work with a contractor or bid on a job with a designer. In most instances, the designer performs these functions. However you are always welcome to find your own crews to work on your project. For the most part, the designer has a trustworthy team of contractors who can finish the job according to your specifications. During the construction phase, the designer will track the process and provide on-site assistance to the construction crew.


Final Inspection

When the job is done, you'll want a detailed inspection of the site. A good landscape designer is going to go over the project with a hit list of the site. You'll know with a completed list that the job was done correctly.

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