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The Beginner's Guide to Drought Tolerant Landscaping

When most people think of drought-tolerant landscaping, they picture a boring, brown yard with nothing but cacti and rocks. However, there are many different ways to create a beautiful and sustainable drought tolerant landscape that can save you money on your water bill. In this guide, you'll find out about the basics of drought-tolerant landscaping and learn some useful tips for creating a beautiful yard that doesn't rely on excessive watering. So, whether you're new to gardening or just looking to cut back on your water use, read on for the basics of drought-tolerant landscaping!

The Beginner's Guide to Drought Tolerant Landscaping

What Is Drought-tolerant Landscaping?

Drought tolerant landscaping is a type of landscaping that is designed to conserve water. This can be done by choosing plants that are drought-tolerant, using mulch to retain moisture, and designing the landscape so that it doesn’t require a lot of watering.

Why Choose Drought-Tolerant Landscaping?

Even if you live in an area that doesn’t typically experience drought conditions, it’s still a good idea to choose drought-tolerant landscaping. This is because it can save you money on your water bill and help reduce your environmental impact. In addition, drought-tolerant landscapes are often more aesthetically pleasing than traditional landscapes.

How To Get Started With Drought Tolerant Landscaping:

Drought tolerant landscaping is a great way to conserve water while still having a beautiful and functional yard. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Evaluate Your Needs

What do you need in your yard? Grass for playing sports, a garden for vegetables, or just a place to relax? You can have a drought-tolerant landscape even if you have a lawn; you may just need to reduce the size of your lawn or install drought-resistant plants instead.

Consider Your Climate

Not all plants thrive in every climate; make sure to choose plants that will do well in your area. You can find out what types of plants are drought tolerant for your region by doing an online search or talking to a local nursery.

Plan Ahead

Drought tolerant landscaping takes a bit more planning than traditional landscaping, so make sure to plan out your design before starting to plant. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your yard looks great all year round.

Install A Rain Barrel

A rain barrel can help you collect rainwater from your roof for use in your garden or lawn. This water can be used to irrigate plants during times of drought, saving you money on your water bill.

Mulch Heavily

Mulching is one of the best ways to conserve water in your landscape; it helps keep the soil moist and prevents evaporation. Make sure to mulch around plants, trees, and garden beds to help them thrive in dry conditions.

Install Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a great way to conserve water when landscaping your garden. It delivers water directly to the roots of plants, so you use less water than if you were using traditional sprinklers. Drip irrigation systems are also easy to install and can be customized to fit your needs.

Educate Your Family And Friends

One of the best ways to conserve water is to educate others about how they can do the same. Share these tips with your family and friends and help them create a drought-tolerant landscape of their own.

Should I Hire A Drought-tolerant Landscaping Professional?

If you are unsure of how to go about drought-tolerant landscaping, or if your attempts thus far have not yielded the desired results, it may be time to call in a professional. A landscaping pro who specializes in drought-tolerant gardens will know how to make the most of the plants available to you and can help you create a beautiful and sustainable landscape that will look great all year round, even during periods of drought.

How Do I Switch From Traditional Landscaping To Drought-tolerant Landscaping?

The first step is to evaluate your yard and determine what areas are the most drought-tolerant. You may have areas that are naturally shady or have more clay in the soil, which makes them better suited for drought-tolerant plants. Once you've identified these areas, start removing any traditional landscaping elements, like turf grass and flower beds.

In their place, add drought-tolerant plants and hardscaping elements. Patio stones or gravel can be used to create a path through your yard, while succulents and other low-water plants can be used to line the path or border your garden. You can also install a small water feature or pond, which will help attract wildlife and reduce the amount of water needed for your landscape.

If you're not sure which plants to choose from, there are many drought-tolerant landscaping books and websites that can help. Be sure to select plants that are suited to your climate and the type of soil in your yard.

If you're looking to switch to drought-tolerant landscaping, or are just curious about what it is, we can help. Give us a call today and let us walk you through the basics of drought-tolerant landscaping – from design to installation, we've got you covered. And if you're feeling overwhelmed by making the change yourself, don't worry – our team of professionals is more than happy to take on your project and make your dream garden a reality.

Are You Considering Drought Tolerant Landscaping for your Frontyard or Backyard?

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