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In Dublin, California, Dougherty Hills Dog Park is located. This picturesque property, a much-loved dog playground, is home to two fenced areas where off-leash playtime is welcomed and encouraged. One of the enclosures has been specially built to suit their needs in order to provide a secure space for small, elderly, and shy dogs. Here, dogs of height, attitude, and/or age will frolic and play with dogs close, and all without the need for a lead. While Dougherty Hills Dog Park proudly offers off-leash play areas, proper safety measures still remain the priority. Owners must have a lead on their person at all times on the property to ensure the safety of all dogs accessing the play spaces. It is also important to remember that all dogs need to remain leashed while entering areas outside the designated off-leash zones. A famous dog playground is at Dougherty Hills Dog Park. Access at no cost is given to allow as many dogs and their owners to visit the facility as possible.


Visitors to this dog play haven comment on its spaciousness that provides dogs with enough space to run, play, and roughhouse. The play areas are made of grass themselves. Some visitors remember that the runs contain some holes from animals that burrow in the dirt, so it is important to take care to watch your move. A small hill provides the terrain, but sadly, there's very little shade. The dog runs provide both drinks of water to meet the hydration needs of your dogs and poop bags to ensure that owners have all the resources required to properly clean up after their pets. Benches are also found on the grounds, and toilets for public use are accessible on the property. Dougherty Hills Dog Park asks all visitors to this park space to take note that all vaccines are up to date with their pets. Also compulsory for park entry is a city dog license. Plan a ride to Dougherty Hills Dog Park for a day of fun in the California sun!

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After visiting these lovely dog parks make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at our downtown Danville location, DPG Pavers Danville Location on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle!

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