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Los Cerros Middle School

                            968 Blemer Road, Danville, California 94526

Los Cerros Middle School serves students on the northeast side of Danville.  Los Cerros was named a California Distinguished School and also 2009 National Blue Ribbon School.


The mission of Los Cerros Middle School is to inspire and prepare all students to apply the learned intellectual knowledge, skills and traits of character needed to become creative problem solvers and to achieve personal success as thoughtful citizens who contribute responsibly to our community and digital world.


Most parents have positive experiences in this school. The office staff is consistent, knowledgeable, and treat the parents as well as the students like family. The office staff takes an interest in the welfare of each student. 


The school was remodeled recently and looks much nicer compared in the previous years. Teachers have been around a long time, some good, some bad, same as every other school. What we love the most about Los Cerros is the lack of serious conflict between students. The environment is kept in check, there are clicks of course, like anywhere, but the campus feels is just right and very relaxed. Everyone commonly see the popular paired up with the not-so-popular and kids of all races, grades, social positions participating in after school intramural sports, leadership programs and so on. 


Los Cerros is indeed a fantastic school. The teachers are great, motivated and actively involved with the children. The curriculum has been structured so well in order to increase the engagement and participation of the students.

This amazing city is located near the following schools in Danville, California:

  • Monte Vista High School

  • San Ramon Valley High School

  • Diablo Vista Middle School

  • Charlotte Wood Middle School

  • Vista Grande Elementary School

  • Sycamore Valley Elementary School

  • Montair Elementary School

  • John Baldwin Elementary

  • Greenbrook Elementary School


All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, DPG Pavers on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Cir Suite 100!

A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model
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