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Lindsay Wildlife Experience is a family museum and wildlife rehabilitation center located at Walnut Creek, California, which is formerly the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Lindsay is America's first wildlife hospital, and a prominent San Francisco East Bay Family Museum. The museum's programs were established in Walnut Creek in 1955 and "connect people to wildlife to encourage responsibility and appreciation for the environment we share." The museum features a number of nature displays in the cities of California, samples of natural history and a special theatre. Every year, the center for rehabilitation, one of the largest in the country, treats over 5 000 wild animals wounded, diseased or orphaned.

The Museum of Fauna and Nature of Lindsay was established as the Diablo Junior Museum in 1955 by Alexander Lindsay. It was designed in 1962 after the death of Alexander Lindsay at 44 years old. This relocated to the Larkey Park Walnut Creek Water pump house in 1965. The first organized system of wildlife rehabilitation was initiated in the United States in 1970. By 1986, the town of Walnut Creek came to an end and the museum became a non-profit organization independently run. The next year "Junior" was discontinued and the Lindsay Museum became its name. In 1993 the museum relocated to a building (2600 m2) near the old pump house, which was newly constructed 28,000 m2.

Lindsay Wildlife experience is specialized in the treatment of wild animals. Of the 70 Lindsay Wildlife-called species, almost all are mentally, psychologically or conductually challenged, leaving them unable to survive in the wild. Both Lindsay's woodland animals act as wildlife ambassadors and teach the public about conservation and the history of nature. Many animals are visible to the public. Others are on display and taken to private animal encounters, workshops and visits.


This adorable spot is conveniently located near some of Danville’s other places of interest. Make sure to check them out on your next visit: 


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After visiting these lovely spots make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at our downtown Danville location, DPG Pavers Danville Location on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle!

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