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Los Cerros Middle School

                             968 Blemer Rd #1502, Danville, CA 94526

Los Cerros Middle School serves students on the northeast side of Danville.  Los Cerros was named a California Distinguished School and also the 2009 National Blue Ribbon School.


The goal of Los Cerros Middle School is to motivate and prepare all students to apply the learned academic knowledge, skills, and character qualities needed to become innovative problem solvers, and to achieve personal success as responsible citizens who contribute responsibly to our community and digital environment.


Los Cerros Middle ranked in California in 2019 higher than 93.6 percent of middle schools. It also ranked 6th in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, among 8 ranked middle schools.


Racial makeup is: White (72.9%), two or more races (10.2%), Asian (8.5%).


In 2019 the calculated Average Standard Score was 94.5.


4 percent of students get a free or reduced meal. This is the lowest number within the Unified School District of San Ramon Valley.


At Los Cerros Middle, the student/teacher ratio is 23.1, which is the 2nd highest in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District among 8 middle schools.


Los Cerros Middle employs 27.8 full-time teachers.


The school is one of the best middle schools in the state and prepares the kids for high school. The big challenge for the helicopter parents of today is Los Cerros cuts the cord (as they should) and there is very little parent involvement. The kids need to learn how to learn, and in a lot of situations learn how to fail, to make sure it does not happen again. The process of little Johnny or Little Hailey getting a zero or not being a star sends some parents into a fit. They always blame the school, when in reality the school is teaching them what is necessary to succeed in High School and College. It is middle school, after all, hormones flying, moods flaring, any expectations of a Kindergarten experience of loving and nurturing are unreasonable. But the teachers and staff are able to handle these challenges professionally. What Los Cerros Middle School teaches its learners is how to survive the real world and how to rise up everytime they stumble in life. 

Los Cerros Middle School
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