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Diablo Vista Middle School

                             4100 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA 94506

Established in 2000, Diablo Vista Middle School is located on Danville's Camino Tassajara. The school is home to more than 950 students (6th-8th grade). Diablo Vista Middle School is on a changed block schedule, with Monday, Tuesday, and Friday's students attending seven periods of time. Block days are Wednesday and Thursday.


At Diablo Vista we:


  • Provide a rigorous, standards-based educational curriculum to prepare high school and beyond students for success.


  • Build an atmosphere of educational excellence using a range of instructional approaches and activities to overcome our students' diverse learning strengths.


  • Provide a loving, supportive atmosphere in which all students can feel emotionally, mentally, and physically supported and healthy.


  • Create positive character qualities such as empathy, dignity, collaboration, and fairness, and cultivate an appreciation for individual differences that make each of us special.


Diablo Vista Middle School is a lovely school located in Danville city's easternmost point. In its inaugural year, opened in August 2000, Diablo Vista served 343 students in the sixth and seventh grades. We represent 982 sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students now in our 18th year. We pride ourselves on providing all students with a strong, standard-based education while helping them through the challenging years of transition between elementary and high school.


Our campus includes both stationary and mobile computer laboratories, laptop carts, a studio for video production, five fully equipped science labs, classrooms for choral and instrumental music, an art lab and a food lab.


A state-of-the-art, completely networked Library / Media Centre, houses a library, computer lab with 32 networked computers, meeting space, media centre and offices for our training managers, psychologists, and speech therapists.


Since 2007 we have enjoyed using our 15-acre property, which includes state-of-the-art all-weather track and field, a full-size baseball field, a full-size softball field, and 90 school and community parking spaces. We opened our gymnasium and locker rooms proudly in the Fall of 2008. In 2010 we opened 4 new classrooms with a versatile learning environment. During the summer of 2011 a solar power project was completed and we now enjoy using the sun power provided by the solar panels that cover our upper parking area.

Diablo Vista Middle School
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