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2020 NARI CotY Award Winning Project  

Residential Landscape Design/ Outdoor Living Over $250,000

For this project, our clients wanted a backyard functional enough for family fun yet, elevated enough to be a showpiece for entertaining. Their dream goals were to have: 
  • Outdoor bathroom 
  • Feature wall 
  • Outdoor kitchen with appliances 
  • Lawn / Play area 
  • Outdoor structure / cabana 
  • Top of the line products and materials 
This was a brand new home so, every piece of the puzzle had to be thought up and perfectly placed. A truly original design down to the stones. The selection process for which types of material to use for their hardwood deck and cable wire railing was easy for the client to make.
As for the paver selection, that took much longer as they didn’t want to make the wrong choice. To aid in their decision, we provided samples of interlocking concrete pavers, travertine pavers, and porcelain pavers.
We suggested porcelain pavers and, after multiple field trips to showrooms in the area, they decided to go with our suggestion- Italian Porcelain Tile in Gotham Grey. 
We also visited a showroom for them to select the granite for their outdoor kitchen countertop. They chose a dark-colored granite to accent the hardwood exterior finish of the outdoor kitchen. 
They chose synthetic lawn for the recreation area and we created a new drought-tolerant planting plan to help save on budget due to the added cost of the outdoor bathroom.  
after landscape 1.jpeg
after pool 1.jpeg
In addition to all the Landscape and Outdoor Living designing, we also made aesthetic enhancements to their cabana. We added a lighted ceiling fan and heaters, lights with dimmers were strategically placed, and we decided to mix media materials (wood, concrete, metal). Outside the cabana, we installed a new fence and retaining walls. 
California weather is very unpredictable, and throughout the duration of the project, it rained for an entire month straight! This made working difficult because we would have to wait for the job site to dry.
After months of planning, work and weather delays the project was finished!  
Aside from the elation of winning the prestigious NARI CotYaward, the best sentiment comes from the compliment we received from our client after a few months of enjoying the finished project. He said, “I am outside more than I am inside now.”
after kitchen 1.jpeg
Over $250,000 Winner Night.png
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