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Dog Park Rules

  • Open morning until the afternoon

  • No smoking.

  • No dumping trash anywhere.

  • Always pick-up your pet’s poop.


Dog Park History

Through a joint effort between the City of Clayton and the Clayton K-9 Coalition, Clayton Dog Park was created. The City approved the existing dog park site and agreed to add fencing, chairs, a table, and receptacles for waste. The Clayton K-9 Coalition was formed by a group of local citizens, which raised the necessary funds to provide water for the park and an arbor shade system was constructed over the picnic table by the Eagle Scout Project.



The Clayton Dog Park is located in the beautiful city of Clayton. Clayton Dog Park is a lovely dog park to take your dog to for some fun, exercise, and pure enjoyment on any day of the week. With the support of the K-9 Coalition, the Clayton Dog Park was founded by the community. By keeping it clean and respecting others the park asks for the community's support to preserve the park. The coalition also recommends that members of the community volunteer their time to assist with the park or give the K-9 coalition any tax-deductible contributions. You can find plenty of facilities for fun when you come and visit this dog park.


This park is fully fenced-in, so with your new furry buddies off-leash, your dog will have the freedom to run around. For play, shade, benches, a table, and waste stations, you can also find a wide field. Regardless of age, height, or breed, it is a great park to bring your dog to. The laws and regulations that the city of Clayton enforces must be observed by all owners and their pups. Before they can come to this dog park, all dogs must first be registered, tagged, and vaccinated, and all hot female pups and young puppies under the age of four months must stay at home. At all times, all owners must clean up and watch over their pups.


Your dog should however be well-mannered. This dog park does not allow any violent behavior, and all owners will be kept accountable for their dogs' conduct. This dog park is loved by the city of Clayton and has plenty to give. Head over to this park if you are looking for a nice spot to bring your dog to. The time of your lives will be with you and your best friend.


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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

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