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A very nice park, located close to the elementary school. Great for extra parking, and waiting for school pickup. During school festivities it is an easy way to save time and not fight for spots in the school lot. The park needs benches to sit on, because as is, it is essentially just a parking lot. I would recommended adding a couple benches and maybe a play structure of sorts? It’s small, but since it is near the school it would be nice for waiting parents to let their smaller children play when waiting to get the others from school. 


Not a large park. It is loud when cars pass through, and it is not very relaxing. However, it is well lit at night, and is a fairly safe place to park. The police don’t check too often, but you don’t want to leave your car there overnight. Great for events near the elementary school, which is down the street. 


From the main street, it is pretty well protected so it isn’t too loud at the park. Not much to do. Should add some grills or picnic tables so people can actually enjoy it. Right now there is nothing there but extra parking, which is usually used for the elementary school. 


Potential is the word to describe this park. While not an amazing space at the moment, it has the potential for being a spot of beauty. This is a good park for community outreach and local youth projects. A good way to clean up and restore this park would be through a volunteer day. People could donate their time, and in return, get a beautiful little park! 


This adorable spot is conveniently located near some of Danville’s other places of interest. Make sure to check them out on your next visit: 


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Museum of San  Ramon Valley 205 Railroad Ave, Danville, CA 94526
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