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3 Steps to Protecting Your Patio Pavers

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Pavers are designed to last as long as your home. Unfortunately, like any other exterior surface, they are subject to effects of use and weather if not properly maintained. There are many ways to ensure that your pavers look nice and can withstand the elements. Here is how to protect your pavers.

Expansive Natural Stone Patio Renovation

1. Seal Your Pavers

Before sealing your pavers, choose between a matte finish, semi gloss or wet-look sealant depending on personal preference. Make sure the surface is dry before starting, because damp pavers will not seal effectively. Clean the area with a cleaner such as muriatic acid, which is highly corrosive yet extremely effective if used properly. Test a small area to ensure that the end result is desired. It is not advised to seal when temperatures are below 50 degrees, so try to seal during spring or summer months when the weather is warmer. If all conditions are favorable for you, start applying the product in small portions at a time. Use a roller to remove excess in order to achieve best results. Most sealants may require a second or third coat for optimum efficiency. You can also choose an acrylic sealer. Finally, be sure to sweep your surface occasionally to prevent debris.

“Use a roller to remove excess in order to achieve best results.”

2. Try Power Washing

Power washing your surfaces can be beneficial to making sure your pavers are protected. Even doing it rarely can return your pavers to their original shine and luster. Clean bricks have the ability to revitalize any landscape design, no matter the complexity. Landscaping contractors can utilize a cleaning power washer to achieve a deep clean effect without using harsh chemicals. This is a good option if you want a safe, clean fix. Pressure cleaning can also replace fillers that were damaged when cleaning the surface with rough chemicals.


3. Use Wet and Forget

Wet and Forget is a surface cleaning material that uses surface cleaners along with natural elements to clean exterior surfaces; mix it with water and clean away. The process is simple: mix Wet and Forget with 5 parts of water and spray your surface of choice. Repeat this process every three to four months for best results. The only drawback of this method is that it takes a while to work; you will see progress within two months. Patio stones can be sprayed with Wet and Forget to get rid of algae and moss by using a stiff scrub brush. You can also apply it to vertical surfaces such as siding for a deep clean.


“Repeat this process every three to four months for best results.”


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